Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Stepping Back.

Living on Wandoo Lane has had it's ups and downs over the last 12months as we are drawing too the end of another year, The Mr. has had successful surgery and waiting for another and another hopfully with the same results, I have him home permanently for now,  can cause a little pressure but I have been taking time out between all that with my Knitting, I know the weather's warmed up a little but I do have a project bag in my work bag so I can knit in my tea break, I really look forward too that time, I sit alone in another area on the ward and just contemplate life as I move through the process of another Sock, well I wasn't sure what all the hoop la was about people going on about how they are obsessed with knitting Socks!, just didn't get it, but on the weekend I came across a new design by a young lady who lives in Victoria who hails from the UK who I follow on Instagram and Ravelry, she also has a lovely Podcast on YouTube, with a Gorgeous new sock pattern, I had a cake of hand dyed yarn from Gumblossoms Yarns in Brisbane, it's a lovely soft pastel gradient yarn starting with Grey then Green into Peach.
Silver Birch Socks by Rebekah of Creative Naturally
How beautiful is this pattern, I think that's what's been missing a Lovely design too keep me interested in making more socks, this yarn is knitting up a little stiff even though it is mostly wool and little nylon, I'm sure it will soften once washed.
I've got one last sock nearly finished for the Xmas Bag too take over too the Kids in London then I'll be able too get back onto the sewing machine, I have 2 Judy Newman tops too get sorted before she comes next March.
We still have places available for Judy so please pop on over too Wandoo Lane and send your request via the contact form.
Thanks for stopping by
You can find Rebekah on Instagram as @bex_inreallife .