Friday, December 9, 2016

Are You a Kitter.

If you are a Knitter pop on over too my other blog.

My Yarn Journey.

I've started a New Group on Ravelry and Instagram called Box of Socks KAL 2017.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Stepping Back.

Living on Wandoo Lane has had it's ups and downs over the last 12months as we are drawing too the end of another year, The Mr. has had successful surgery and waiting for another and another hopfully with the same results, I have him home permanently for now,  can cause a little pressure but I have been taking time out between all that with my Knitting, I know the weather's warmed up a little but I do have a project bag in my work bag so I can knit in my tea break, I really look forward too that time, I sit alone in another area on the ward and just contemplate life as I move through the process of another Sock, well I wasn't sure what all the hoop la was about people going on about how they are obsessed with knitting Socks!, just didn't get it, but on the weekend I came across a new design by a young lady who lives in Victoria who hails from the UK who I follow on Instagram and Ravelry, she also has a lovely Podcast on YouTube, with a Gorgeous new sock pattern, I had a cake of hand dyed yarn from Gumblossoms Yarns in Brisbane, it's a lovely soft pastel gradient yarn starting with Grey then Green into Peach.
Silver Birch Socks by Rebekah of Creative Naturally
How beautiful is this pattern, I think that's what's been missing a Lovely design too keep me interested in making more socks, this yarn is knitting up a little stiff even though it is mostly wool and little nylon, I'm sure it will soften once washed.
I've got one last sock nearly finished for the Xmas Bag too take over too the Kids in London then I'll be able too get back onto the sewing machine, I have 2 Judy Newman tops too get sorted before she comes next March.
We still have places available for Judy so please pop on over too Wandoo Lane and send your request via the contact form.
Thanks for stopping by
You can find Rebekah on Instagram as @bex_inreallife .

Sunday, October 23, 2016

MSG Workshop.

Well! All I needed was too have Marg Sampson George around for 2 whole days was enough for me too get my Mojo back too pick up a Needle & Thread... I wasn't wanting too make another largish quilt so when I saw this Bag as one of our projects it was the Perfect Solution.
Bag Project
And this is where I'm at this morning...I love  the construction and the added elements of this  bag, and it won't be the last one I make, Great for Knitting ...
Bag in Progress
It was a Very Successful Weekend Workshop with Marg Again, 18 Ladies altogether plus our pop up shop with Chris from Tamborine to Tilba, which is local too me, can be Dangerous lol. You'll find lots of photos from the weekend on Instagram. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers Maree

Saturday, October 15, 2016

it's been Knitting season and New Blog

It's been awhile since I've been here on this Blog, once winter started I really had the Motivation too Knit this year, get back into it after quite a few years gap, Also the news that we are waiting the Arrival of Our First GrandSon over in London gave me more reason too get those Needles out...

I started a New Blog just for yarn journey

Marg Sampson George is coming Next Weekend for our Annual 2 Day Workshop, there will be some applique started with a new project of course...
Till next time
Happy Sewing.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Knitted Shawl.

I've knitted my first Shawl, this is the Talisman Shawl by Helen Stewart of

The Curioushndmade...

This is the first time I've attempted a shawl, it didn't take all that long, the pattern was easy too follow.

Helen Stewart is a Brisbane Lady living in London with her DH and Family, Helen is on Ravelry and has her own Podcast...

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Judy Newman Workshop in July.

We still have places available for the Judy Newman Workshop on the Gold Coast.

15th, 16th & 17th July , come for One, Two or Three Days of Appliqué and Piecing,by hand or machine.

Judy will be bringing many of her quilts for a show & tell.Come and join us for stitching fun, Learn new tips & tricks and have a one on one stitching time with Judy.

All the details of the venue etc are on the Wandoolane Blog, click on the link top left hand sidebar at the top I'll get back too you asap.




Monday, June 13, 2016

Knitting my first Shawl.

I've taken up Knitting again with a New Passion, I've discovered Hand Dyed Yarns, New Stitches and Video Podcasts....

I've joined a KAL in lament terms Knit a Long...I found a Podcast with a Brisbane Lady living in London with her family, Helen Stewart of the Curioushandmade Podcast on YouTube, Helen is a Knitting Designer and has started the Shawl Society on Ravelry, it's a 6 month sign up with a small cost, each month you will receive in your inbox a new pattern, the first one started last week and is this shawl called Talisman Shawl.

This is my first ever Shawl, there's not a lot too it at this stage, but in saying that I did restart it from my original,adding the Grey, I intend to wear this as a Bandana style with the point at the front...


Cleckheaton 4ply Baby Merino Soft Grey.

Hand Dyed yarn by ( NSW).

Podcasts I watch.

Dingodyeworks. (W.A.)

Skeinyarns. (NSW)

Curioushandmade (UK)

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Instagram: OllieandMay.


Sunday, June 12, 2016

It's been Awhile.

I've been wanting too get back here and blog, I guess being on Instagram has taken over blogging some what and there are many out there saying the same. A lot has been happening in my sewing world and recently have taken up my Knitting again, which is really Great. I'll catch up eventually but not necessarily in any order. I started This blog mainly as a record for my Granddaughter Ella, for her too look back when I'm not here and remember the times we shared Crafting...

First of all I'm very pleased too have my "Out of the Blue" take an element quilt back from Majella of Kookaburra Cottage Quilting in Toowoomba, I recently spent the weekend with Marg Sampson George in Brisbane and I was so pleased too be able too show her...

I really enjoyed the process of this quilt, even though I had too unpick the surrounding centre rows as I was short by 2 rows on one corner, I really pushed myself too use fabrics only others were using that I admired...

Thanks You MSG47 for your Inspiration.



Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Judy Newman Weekend.

We still have places available for the Judy's workshop weekend , come for One Two or Three Days. 15th -17th July at Helensvale on the Gold Coast.

Judy will be bringing her Brand New BOM " This Life" this BOM is Exclusively through Judy herself at " a very fine house"

Judy will also be bringing her Alice Quilt and many more of her Beautiful Designs for you too choose. Don't leave it till the last minute or You will miss out on a Fun Weekend.

Martina from "Ava & neve" will be there with her Pop Up Shop of Liberty Fabrics Exclusively for the Workshop. Leave your contact details here or you can visit the workshop blog by clicking into the link on the top of the sidebar.



Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Choices for the Judy Newman Workshop.

Hello Ladies.
Judy has put this photo up on Instagram for You too see what choices you will have at her upcoming Workshop on the 15th, 16th & 17th July...
If you are not able too come for the 3 days that's OK, but I do recommend 2 days...
You may switch your days around, not necessarily in order....Friday & Sunday or Friday & Saturday or Saturday & Sunday....If you can only come too just the 1 day of course that is Fine.
All the costing details are on the sidebar....I am taking names for this Weekend Please if you would like too learn New Tips & Techniques from Judy put your Name Down....
Deposits will be due by the End of May...there will be a Layby system with PayPal from your Deposit Invoice, if you don't use PayPal my Bank Details are on the Invoice up the top for a Direct Deposit....I already have names down there is a limit too the size of the class which gives Judy time too spend with each of  You....There will also be a Pop Up Shop of Liberty Fabrics with Martina from Ava & Neve in Brisbane...
Looing forward too hearing from You.
Cheers for Now
You can contact me either here through the Contact Form or on Instagram as  / OllieandMay.
or my Email on the left sidebar.

Some of the Projects shown are French Medallion. Emma Mary. Market Medallion. The Alice Quilt. and Judy's DillyBag.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Judy Newman is coming......

We are getting ready for Judy Newman who will be here in July for 3 days of Hand Sewing.
Here are some samples of Judy's Designs...
Emma Mary

Judy's Dilly Bag
French Market Medallion

Liberty Alice.

The list is filling up, Numbers are limited as requested by Judy, contact me if you are Interested in which will be a Great Weekend, Judy will be teaching her method of EEP and Applique...
Judy will be here for 3 days, there is a choice of attending for 2 days if that suits, any 2 days of your choice...
The Lovely Martina from Ava & Neve in Brisbane will be there with her Pop up Shop of Liberty Fabrics for you to purchase..
Contact me Here.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Progress on Hare Race.

Finally finished the centre of my Hare Race's taken awhile kept Changing my mind on fabrics, happy with it now.

I've put in my own version of a Basket instead of the Vase as in The pattern.


If your not familiar with this pattern it's by Marg Sampson George from nsw.

Thanks for stopping by.




Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It's Time too Sign Up...

For our One Day Stitching with Natalie Bird..Sunday 1st MAY at Helensvale on the Gold Coast.
Spread the word if you are local we have plenty of space can leave your name here in a comment or contact me by email: Maree
ALSO I have ladies signing up already for the Judy Newman Workshop in July, if you are wanting too attend there are limited numbers for this, so don't hesitate put your name down so you won't be Disappointed...

Friday, February 26, 2016

A New Project.

My first love is Appliqué, I couldn't go past this New Project by Susan Smith of Patchwork on Central Park or @notjustahuzwife on the name of this new quilt.

The Rowdy Flat Library Quilt.


There is a group on Facebook that you can join and follow, email Susan for this BOM.

Have a good Weekend.



Sunday, February 21, 2016

What a Great Workshop.

What a Great Weekend we had with the Delightful Gail Pan.

We were All so Grateful for Her Time too Each of Us Sharing her Knowledge Tips & Tricks...I've Certainly learned a better way with some of my stitching, for that I'm feeling so much Better with my Work.

I'm pleased too say I've formed New Friendships and it was lovely too catch up with some from previous times...

Gail had Beautiful Sample Displays of her Work.
Our Appliqué Kit for Saturday & Name Tag.
I lamenated pages from Daphne's Diary Magazines and sewn them into
an Envelope.
More Beautiful Samples of Gail's Work and our Shop.
Our Stitchery Kit for Sunday.
I made the Ladies a Pocket Bag using some Liberty Fabrics for the
Hexie Flowers on the front and little Pentagons on the also had a small
Tin holding all the small items needed too embellish our project.
The pattern for the bag is from Lisa at: "a spoonful of sugar"
Our Project from Yestersay, Gail designed this Especially for us.
Gail with part of her gift from Me for coming, hence too say she was Very Happy with her New Dillybag. This is a pattern from Judy Newman her blog is : "a very fine house" the pattern is called Judy's Dillybag you can purchase the pattern from her blog.

Gail and Myself.
16 Stitcheries started looking forward too seeing them all finished.

Gail will be returning in 2018. Keep an eye out the workshop blog.

We might be able too too twist her arm for an extra day...I don't think I'll have any trouble lol....

I am taking names NOW for our one day Stitchery Workshop with


for our 2/3 day workshop with JUDY NEWMAN from Melbourne...

You can choose either 2 or 3 days, all the info is on the blog....numbers are limited for this class, it will entail Hand Appliqué and EEP.

Thanks for stopping by.



Monday, February 15, 2016

Adding a Basket too Hare Race.

I've decided too not go with the Norm on this quilt for the Centre, the norm is a Vase with Flowers, I've opted for a Basket!


Have a Good Day.


Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Splendid Sampler.


Well today's the day we've been waiting for.

The Splendid Sampler a year long QAL derived by Pat Sloan from the US and QuiltJane from Brisbane. 80 designers have contributed to this Sampler Quilt. 2 blocks a week will be released...

I'll be downloading the blockes each month and will plodder along at my own merry pace, there are no rules too say you need too keep up or there is No Winner for being the first too complete, there may be blocks I don't like or think they are too difficult too attack at this time, there's always later we have a whole year, some have already picked fabrics well of course not me, I want too see the first few blocks first too see what I have in mind will work !

Have you joined, they are on FB or this is their Website.

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Dream Weaver by Amy Butler.


This bundle has been a long time coming, purchased through Cotton-Factory in Victoria ...

These will be kept for my Next Marg Sampson George Quilt ....



Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Catching up on Hare Race.

Now that all my current secret sewing is up too date I've been able too get back too one of my projects Hare Race, pattern by Marg Sampson George

Started the tear drops in the centre then I was keen too see how the Crown would look, the thing I love about Marg's teachings is for you too do want you want, the Freedom too just go with it, she gives you permission too do just that with her patterns. I've already put my stamp on the corners by adding Bunnies, plans to add other things as I go, Never been one too follow a pattern from start to finish, even if it's just a different border.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Update: Judy Newman Workshop.

There will be an Extra Day...

I've been lucky that Judy Newman is able too come for an Extra Day for the Workshop we have booked.

Now it will be....JULY 15th, 16th & 17th... Friday Saturday & Sunday.

If you have been thinking of coming too See Judy it's not too Early too out your Name Down.

Spaces are Limited.

All the details of Venue etc are on the Workshop Blog. Link in the sidebar.

I'm really looking forward too having Judy here, I'll be meeting Judy in April when I go too Melbourne and lucky enough too be in one of her classes...



( appliqué by Judy Newman)

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Podcast. My new toy.

I wrote on Instagram this morning my new Toy! so too speak. With not much on telly towards the end of January I turned too listening while I stitched into the wee hours of the morning after my late shifts during the week.

Now Mia Freedman as some of you might know was a young Potty Mouth Journalist for Dolly Magazine way back when!! I was a bit reluctant too listen too her Interviews when I came across this Podcast, of which she has a Women's Network now know as The Mummamia Women's Network, here are also other Ladies who interview very well...most of the interviews are Ladies that are known in TV, Writing, Journalist, Charities etc. something I Do Enjoy listening too more so than Reading, which is another story!

This one above is Great, the questions asked are of there Daily Routine, Family Bla Bla's Amazing how much sewing I'm getting done when I can just sit and Listen!

Look them up on Google / ITunes the're Free.

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Quilty 365. Circles
Well like most people it's taken time too get back into blogging.

I've been working on Secret Sewing for our upcoming Gail Pan Workshop at the end of the month...but I did join in With a new SAL called Quilty 365. One Circle a Day! 4.5in square Needleturn Circle 2.5in.

I joined in with a couple of Instagram Friends...So far I've kept up.

Next week I'm adding Spots. I've used only Liberty fabrics so far but will be adding others...

Thanks for stopping by.